Thursday, 3 July 2014

As a older sister, a good friend child and human.

Assalammualikum and hello :)

Hi, Im back! Miss me? Oh of course yes. If not, you can step backward and go far away from my blog okay. Haha ;)

So, now this post Im not that strict to talk about something bored or what. Just a little bit story about my life. For you guys information, Im the oldest sister in my siblings. I have two crazy little sisters. So, its very hard to taking care my sisters. But I dont take it as a serious issue cause Im very thankful that I have sisters than I being alone (i guess) cause Im not very sure if I can live without any sisters and being alone all the time. So, I guess not very hard to be the oldest.

But not just a oldest sisters, I have also to be a very good child for my mom and dad. Of course right but its so so so hard you know. Sometimes, I dont know what they want, what they think and what they understand. So, I dont know. When I do this, they say wrong. When I do that, they say wrong too. So, which is the correct one? Okay, Im so mad at the time when happen in this situation. Oh shits! So, I just shut up my mouth and open my mouth in twittering. So, thanks to twitter actually. Even though how strict they are, I really love them so much <3 I dont care what happen, they are always be my number one!

" Friend is a person who always be there for you besides your father and mother or family. "

Im just a girl need a friends. So, is that hard to find a friends? Yes! So so hard. A truly friend especially. I juts have one best friend. Her name is Puteri Nor Sofiah <3 Even though we were just know each other about 6 month but she understand me so much and love me. Thats best friend do. Not be a back stabber. Talking shits about your friends to other people. (omaigod! i really done to all those shits) Yeah, I have a friend who are really close to me but now she is like never exist in this world. Haha :) why? Cause she was a shits that talking like a bitches. So, I just want to say please dont be a back stabber please cause you cannot live with it.

" As a human, we need to stay positive and believe in our God " - Nick Vujicic

Thats what Nick Vujicic said in his book. He saw believe in God and now he was a very successful man that can speech in front of million people without arms and leg. Can we do that when we take his place? I dont think we can right. I really proud of him. Really proud. He believe even though how hard his life is but he keeps going up and live with everyone who are perfect. So, be thankful what we have and appreciate it.

Last but not least, how hard my life is and yours, we need to stay life and be positive all the time. Believe in God and be the best human among the best people.

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