Saturday, 14 June 2014

Fitness & Motivation, Future in a head

Assalammualaikum, sawadikap, hai and hello :)

So, you can see the tittle. It is about fitness and future. So, as you guys know I will keep going to achieve my goal. You know what my goal is? Of course dream body. Haha, but not that have muscle or what. Just a slim body and fit. If I get it, I keep it until I get marry. Haha, so far I imagine it.

Yesterday, I whatspp-ing with dearest boys (i secret their name, so you cannot know about them) about fitness, what should I do or what. Then, the boys especially one of the boys said " you need to do plank, russian twist and sit up for reduce your belly fat ". Actually, I wonder what is belly fat? Russian twist? Then he said " belly fat is your extra fat that make you looks like ' buncit ' " And I was like okay, haha its deep right? Haha, but I take it like so positive la. Then after that, I ask for the russian twits. Then he said " same like sit up but you need to twist you body " Then I was like " oh not that hard ".

After couple of minutes, the another boy his name is ehem haha :p said you need to do plank. If you do more than 2 minutes thats mean you are strong. Haha, I try to do it but you know what I just get not more than 1 minute. Haha, that shows how fat I am. How many belly fat I get. Haha :D So, yesterday was my fitness day with the boys in whatsapp. Im very thankful for that and I promise to get my dream & fit body. I will!

Future wishlist:

1) Dream & fit body
2) Have my own house, my own car and everything
3) Going to Mekkah with Ibu & Ayah
4) Have very own happiness family
5) Romantic husband

Okay, actually I have many my wishlist but haha forget it. Not that very important. So, as a human that very want all the wishlist that I dont know if I can get it or not, I pray all that. Im very want it & I will get it. I want to show to my haters how Im very serious on what I want and serious how I really want them to be jealous (so, take this note bitches). So, Insya allah I can make it!

So, I think take this over. Haahaa, so enjoy your day today falks & byebye.